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We also maintain a list of Online Learning Resources & Tutorials created by Psychology staff at Athabasca Unviversity.

Athabasca University Psychology external Resources(AUPR)

This list of psychology resources is based at the Centre for Social Sciences - Psychology of Athabasca University in Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. This site is provided as a resource for AU students majoring in psychology although anyone with an interest in psychology will find these pages valuable. Several reviews of the site are available.

The Academic Content Sites contain links to a large number of psychology web sites organized by the different sub-fields within psychology. Other useful sites are listed at the bottom of this page. Students may be especially interested in the Writing Resources link which contains valuable information on writing papers in psychology and APA format.

AUPR Reviews

Athabasca University Psychology Resources has been favourably reviewed by several commentators. Here are some samples:

"A mention of another general purpose site should also be made. It's Athabasca University's Psychology Resources page ( Athabasca University focusses on distance eduction and all of its students are off campus. As such it relies much more on the internet than other universities and the page reflects that focus. Check it out."
-- Dr. Mark Sandilands (University of Lethbridge professor in the November, 1996 issue of the CAUT Bulletin)

"Another, newer 'list' site that is oriented toward psychology links to departments and specific sub-topics in psychology. Nicely implemented and has a little of something for every professional in psychology."
-- Mental Health Net (From the website text.)

"A nice general list and well organized."
-- American Psychological Society (From the website text.)

"Lots of useful links to societies, departments, demonstrations, other sites..."
--The Psych Web (From the website text.)

"Some other good starting points are - Stanford's Cognitive & Psychological Sciences - Psychology links in Yahoo - Athabasca University Psychology Resources - APA - APS - CPA - Electronic Journals and Periodicals"
--The Bee Hive (Bill Eickmeyer at the University of Waterloo Psychology Department. From the website text.)

"Very nice selection of resources."
--Psyc Site at the University of Nipissing Department of Psychology. (From the website text.)

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