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Biological and Physiological


Emotion and Motivation

Probe the Brain
Site lets you probe the brain to discover what area of the brain controls which part of your body.
SALMON Study and Learning Materials On-Line for Physiological Psychology
Site provides information about neurotransmission, depression, hormones and stress, sexual behaviour, sex differentiation, ethology, aggression, learned helplessness, drug tolerance, and drug addiction.
The Mind Uploading Home Page
"The Mind Uploading home page is dedicated to the putative future process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans. This technology will radically alter society in many ways, as science fiction authors have begun to illustrate.".

Emotion and Motivation

Emotional Participation in Decision-Making
This article discusses the amygdala's role in emotional assessments, the organization of emotional expression, the emotional experience, and the role of the frontal lobes in emotion.


Brain Disorders Network
Site from the National Foundation for Brain Research.
Brain Study Module
Site provides a colorful tutorial about the various structures of the brain.
Conversations with Neil's Brain
A web book about "the neural nature of thought and learning.".
Milestones in Neuroscience Research
This site provides a detailed timeline of the major events that occurred during the history of neuroscience.
Neuroscience for Kids
Although this site is designed for kids, it is a vast resource for people of all ages. It contains information and diagrams about many neuroscience topics including brain structure, sleep, the spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system, the neuron, sensory systems, neuroscience methods and techniques, the effects of drugs on the nervous system, and neurological and mental disorders.
The Action Potential
Site provides an overview of the action potential process, and it also includes the "sounds" of an action potential.
The Components of the Human Brain
This site provides excellent figures and descriptions of the brain starting with the major divisions of the brain, then moving to subordinate structures and systems.
The Whole Brain Atlas
Information and impressive visuals related to brain physiology and disease.

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