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Abnormal, Clinical, and Counselling


Eating Disorders
Mood Disorders
Panic and Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Sexual Variants and Dysfunctions
Stress and Adjustment Disorders

A Beginner's Guide to Abnormal Psychology
Site provides concise summaries of anxiety, mood, personality, sexual, delusional, substance use, somatoform, and dissociative disorders.
Behavior Online
Conversations with and discussions about notable psychotherapists.
Biofeedback Webzine
This Web magazine presents information about biofeedback, including current research, clinical applications, and techniques for treating stress disorders.
Brain Disorders Network
Site from the National Foundation for Brain Research includes a helpful page on Brain Disorders and RX Info.
Canadian Traumatic Stress Network
Provides information and links to resources in managing excessive stress.
One of several emerging on-line self-help services.
History of Chlorpromazine
Site briefly describes the discovery of this antipsychotic drug and how it came to be an accepted form of treatment for mental disorders.
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
APA journal is a key outlet for papers in this field.
Journal of Counseling Psychology
APA journal for counselling psychologists.
Mental Health Resources
The About Mental Health Resources page provides access to a variety of resources about health and mental health as well as a very well-designed user interface.
Nonverbal Learning Disorders on the Web
Site provides information and resources about nonverbal learning disorders.
Psychology in Daily Life
Site provides links to articles about anger, dealing with the aftermath of disaster, how to achieve good mental health, stress, women and depression, and the benefits of exercise.
SALMON Study and Learning Materials On-Line for Physiological Psychology
Site provides information about neurotransmission, depression, hormones and stress, sexual behaviour, sex differentiation, ethology, aggression, learned helplessness, drug tolerance, and drug addiction.


Dual Diagnosis Website
Site is concerned with psychological disorders accompanied by substance abuse disorders.
Quit Smoking Support
Excellent quitting smoking support and advice to help you to quit smoking.


Beginning Therapy With Clients: A Primer
A number of suggestions for counselors who are meeting a client for the first interview are provided in this article.
More Psychologists are Finding that Discrete Uses of Humour Promote Healing
Article discusses how one clinician has found an effective use for humour in healing his clients.

Eating Disorders

A Genetic Link to Anorexia
A possible genetic link was found on chromosome 1 which indicates that genetic predisposition may exist for anorexia.
Binge-eating Disorder: What's the Best Treatment?
In this article, researchers debate whether the best treatment approach for treating binge eating disorder is to address the psychological or weight issues first.
Partners in Illness: Patients Trading Thiness Tips
Article discusses how patients with eating disorders can learn different weight loss methods from other patients which they then begin to use, which impedes their treatment.
Promising Treatments for Anorexia and Bulimia
A form of family therapy to treat anorexia and bulimia has been developed and is discussed in this article.
The Centre for Eating Disorders
Site at the St. Joseph's medical center has information about bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating disorders.

Mood Disorders

All About Depression
Site provides information about depression, its causes, diagnosis, treatment, medication, special topics, and resources.
Suicide Information and Education Centre
Canada-based centre provides a wide variety of resources in suicide prevention; site has won several awards.

Panic and Anxiety Disorders

Answers to Your Questions About Panic Disorder
Article discusses the symptoms of a panic attack; and the causes, side effects, and treatment of panic disorder.

Personality Disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder Articles
Site provides a list of articles concerning borderline personality disorder.


Eugen Bleuler
Site provides a brief biography of Eugen Bleuler. He was the first to use the term "schizophrenia."
Site provides a vast amount of information regarding schizophrenia. It includes information about the causes of schizophrenia, its symptoms, how it can be treated, resources for coping, and personal accounts of the illness.
Article provides a concise summary of the types, symptoms, and classes of schizophrenia.

Sexual Variants and Dysfunctions

A New Generation of Issues for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual Clients
A number of new issues are springing out in the LGBT community. Some of these issues stem from generation gaps, aging gay men, coming out, parenting, gender blending, and fluid identities.
Is Impotence Only a Biological Problem?
Article suggests that psychology may play as big a role in impotence as biology.
New Data on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Mental Health
The studies discussed in this article have found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual people do seem to have more mental health problems than heterosexuals.

Stress and Adjustment Disorders

Managing Traumatic Stress: Tips for Recovering From Disasters
Site provides a summary of what should be done and the issues that should be considered when people are recovering from disasters and other traumatic events.
Trauma Info Pages
Information about the management of traumatic stress.


Efficacy of Psychotherapy
Article discusses study done by Consumer Reports in their effort to determine the effectiveness of psychotherapy.
Talk to Eliza and get a demonstration of artificial intelligence and nondirective psychotherapy.
Personal Counseling in Secondary School Education
Article discusses how to counsel adolescents.
Self Psychology Page
Site provides links, papers, and reprints about contemporary psychoanalysis.
The Gestalt Therapy Page
Links to a variety of resources in Gestalt therapy; jointly sponsored by the Gestalt Journal and the International Gestalt Therapy Association.

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