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Social and Cultural


Advertising and the Media
Applied Social Psychology
Cults and Propaganda

Albert Bandura
Site provides a "biographical sketch" of Albert Bandura.
Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies InfoBase
Site provides articles about many topics related to social psychology. The topics include conformity, deindividuation, diffusion of responsibility, obedience, rebellion, minority influence, conflict resolution, and advertising among many others.
Excuses, Emotions, and In Between
This site looks at how excuses affect the listener.
Population Density, Infanticide, and Social Pathology
This article discusses John Calhoun's classic experiment with rats where "he created high-density populations in which aggression, infanticide, and infant neglect became rampant.".
Site provides a description of self-efficacy, a comparison to self-esteem, and a number of links to related web sites.

Advertising and the Media

National Television Violence Study
Article presents some facts about violence on television.

Applied Social Psychology

Facts About Media Violence and Effects on the American Family
Articles presents a list of facts about the effects of media violence, video game and cyberspace violence, and music violence.
Fred Edward Fiedler
A brief biography is presented about Fred Edward Fiedler as well as a brief, but cohesive overview of his LPC theory.
Managing Job Satisfaction
This article discusses how organizations can increase job satisfaction by recognizing the following factors: opportunity, stress, leadership, work standards, fair rewards, and adequate authority.
Meta-Analysis of Research Studies
"This page is intended to help you learn more about meta-analysis by providing you with an overview; links to relevant documents and resources; and free, high-quality software."
National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
This resource guide provides a list of online resources that are related to youth violence prevention.
Steve's Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence
This tutorial provides a summary of the various theories that exist to explain how people can be persuaded and influenced.

Cults and Propaganda

AFF's Home Page
"AFF is a secular, not-for-profit, tax-exempt research center and educational organization founded in 1979. AFF's mission is to study psychological manipulation and cultic groups, to educate the public and professionals, and to assist those who have been adversely affected by a cult experience.".
What Messages Are Behind Today's Cults?
Article discusses the appeal that cults have to their members.

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Search the Athabasca University Psychology Resources:
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Please note that searches are limited to web sites linked with this page.

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