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Social and Cultural

Applied Social Psychology
Cults and Propaganda
Family and Romantic Relationships

Albert Bandura
Site provides a "biographical sketch" of Albert Bandura.
Canada's Drug Strategy
Site provides information about injection drugs; marijuana; and the relation between drugs and youth, seniors, Aboriginal people, and fetal alcohol syndrome.
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Article discusses Leon Festinger's cognitive dissonance theory and includes his hypotheses about how to create dissonance and examples of cognitive dissonance.
Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, and Media Studies InfoBase
Site provides articles about many topics related to social psychology. The topics include conformity, deindividuation, diffusion of responsibility, obedience, rebellion, minority influence, conflict resolution, and advertising among many others.
Culture of Beauty
Site provides information about the biological and cultural aspects of beauty.
Excuses, Emotions, and In Between
This site looks at how excuses affect the listener.
Parapsychology Association, Inc.
The Parapsychology Association, Inc.'s website provides an overview of the topics included in parapsychology and also provides links to relevant journal articles.
Population Density, Infanticide, and Social Pathology
This article discusses John Calhoun's classic experiment with rats where "he created high-density populations in which aggression, infanticide, and infant neglect became rampant.".
Site provides a description of self-efficacy, a comparison to self-esteem, and a number of links to related web sites.
Sexual Orientation: Science, Education and Policy
University of California at Davis professor Gregory Herek presents his research concerning homophobia, hate crimes and AIDS stigma.
Social Facilitation
Site allows you to manipulate the variables in this experiment about social facilitation.
Social Learning Theory
Article discusses Bandura's social learning theory and includes the topics of television violence, attention, retention, and motivation.
Social Psychology Basics
Site discusses person perception, self defense, prejudice, social expectation, conformity, sociobiology, social learning, social economics, and persuasion.
Social Psychology Network
Provides a variety of links to psychology organizations, U.S. schools with psychology Ph.D. programs, and social-psychological topics of the day.
Stanford Prison Experiment
Presents a slide show and related information about the classic Stanford Prison Experiment.
The Inquisitive Mind
In-Mind is a journal dedicated to making our discipline with accessible for everyone. We explore every day concerns such as love, motivation, or religion.

Applied Social Psychology

10 Myths About Affirmative Action
This article disputes 10 myths that exist about affirmative action.
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)
Provides information relevant to minimizing the harm that may result from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
Classical Leadership
At this website, you will be provided with summaries of trait, behavioural, contingency, situational, and transformational approaches to leadership.
Depression in the Workplace
This article describes what depression is, how it affects work, how unsatisfactory work conditions cause depression, and what can be done to correct the problem.
Evaluation Research
An overview of various aspects of evaluation research can be found at this site including information about planning an evaluation cycle, developing an evaluation culture, types of evaluation, evaluation strategies, and evaluation questions and methods.
Kurt Lewin: Groups, Experiential Learning, and Action Research
This site provides an overview of Kurt Lewin's life and his research. The topics covered in this website include field theory, group dynamics, democracy and groups, t-groups, and action research.
Managing Job Satisfaction
This article discusses how organizations can increase job satisfaction by recognizing the following factors: opportunity, stress, leadership, work standards, fair rewards, and adequate authority.
Meta-Analysis of Research Studies
"This page is intended to help you learn more about meta-analysis by providing you with an overview; links to relevant documents and resources; and free, high-quality software."
Multisystemic Therapy
This website provides information about multisystemic therapy which is a form of therapy intended to prevent violence in serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders.
National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
This resource guide provides a list of online resources that are related to youth violence prevention.
Personality Traits in Abusive Relationships
This website lists the personality traits of abusers and partner's of abusers who are involved in intimate partner violence.
Quasi-Experimental Design
Various approaches to quasi-experimental designs are explored in this site including non-equivalent group design and regression-discontinuity design. As well, topics such as internal validity and advances in quasi-experimental design are discussed.
Recognizing the Abusive Personality
This article provides 12 personality traits that might be warning signs of the abusive personality.
Research Methods Knowledge Base
This comprehensive web-based textbook discusses sampling, measurement, research design, data analysis, validity, reliability, and ethics, as well has how to develop a research question and write a research paper.
Research Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
Links to free online books, manuals, and articles on how to do evaluation and social research, including surveys, interviews, observations and more. Also links to research about research methods, free software, and sites on how to present data. This site also has a review of free statistical resources.
Site provides links to a number of websites concerning sexism and violence toward women.
Sexuality in the Mass Media: How to View the Media Critically
Article discusses how the display of sexuality in the media may affect the people who watch it. The article also suggests the questions a person should ask when viewing the media critically.
Steve's Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence
This tutorial provides a summary of the various theories that exist to explain how people can be persuaded and influenced.
Work in the 21st Century: Implications for Job Analysis
This article provides some information about job analysis and its current role in today's working world.

Cults and Propaganda

AFF's Home Page
"AFF is a secular, not-for-profit, tax-exempt research center and educational organization founded in 1979. AFF's mission is to study psychological manipulation and cultic groups, to educate the public and professionals, and to assist those who have been adversely affected by a cult experience.".
Article provides information about Irving Janis' theory of groupthink.
Site provides information about propaganda, commonly used propaganda techniques, and examples of propaganda use.
What Messages Are Behind Today's Cults?
Article discusses the appeal that cults have to their members.

Family and Romantic Relationships

International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships (ISSPR)
Provides access to scholarly discussion groups, as well as conference and grant information.


Gender Gallery
Site highlights popular media related to issues of gender and sexual orientation. It also provides links to online discussions, organizations, and resources.
Web site offers links to news and resources focusing on issues of gender and gender-oppression in society. Links to literature clearinghouses, advocacy, and resources are included.

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