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Education Consumers Clearinghouse
"The Education Consumer's Clearinghouse is an Internet mailing list whose purpose is to empower education's consumers. It serves as a medium for communication and source of consumer-friendly advice and expertise. Subscribers are able to ask questions, post information and opinion, or just listen. It is supported by advertising and free to users.".
Global SchoolNet
Provides access to resources relevant to global project-based learning, problem-based learning, and online collaborative learning.
Personal Counseling in Secondary School Education
Article discusses how to counsel adolescents.
Traditional Intelligence Theories
Site provides information about how schools have been impacted by traditional theories of intelligence, how they may be impacted by the theory of multiple intelligences. It also provides information about Howard Gardner.


Emotional Intelligence Site
"The information on this independent site covers everything from the academic and corporate definitions of emotional intelligence to articles on parenting, relationships and emotional and sexual abuse."
Emotional Intelligence: Popular or Scientific Psychology
This article briefly discusses the merits of emotional intelligence with respect to whether it is a popular or scientific theory.
Site provides a small amount of information about intelligence theories and quite a few links to other resources concerning intelligence.
One Intelligence or Many?--Alternative Approaches to Cognitive Abilities
This article looks at theories about general intelligence and multiple intelligences.
The Emergence of Intelligence
Article discusses the evolution of intelligence.


English Words May Hinder Math Skills Development
Article discusses how "the words and symbols used to represent numbers may interfere with understanding of math concepts.".

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