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Cognitive Science Dictionary
Award-winning dictionary of cognitive science terms that Dr. Michael Dawson maintains at the University of Alberta.
Conversations with Neil's Brain
A web book about "the neural nature of thought and learning.".
Talk to Eliza and get a demonstration of artificial intelligence and nondirective psychotherapy.
Gestalt Archive
Site provides "Gestalt theory and Gestalt psychology articles in full text.".
Minds Are Simply What Brains Do
Article discusses the perception of the discontinuity between the mind and the brain, memory and change, embodiments of the mind, freedom of will, and the uncertainty and stability of the mind.
Site provides a number of unique tutorials and demonstrations that focus on various functions of the brain including sensation and perception, cognition, transmission of neural impulses, and learning.


Language and Brain: Neurocognitive Linguistics
Site provides a discussion about evidence for neurolinguistics, the plausibility of neurolinguistics, neural networks used in language, the learning process, the proximity principle, and the types of cortical neurons used in language learning.
Primate Use of Language
Site discusses studies that are currently being done which show that primates are capable of learning language.
The Role of Language in Intelligence
This article taken from the Darwin College Lectures discusses the role of language in thought and looks at the behaviours of animals to discern the role that language plays.


Creating False Memories
Site discusses false childhood memories, imagination inflation, impossible memories, and how false memories are formed.
Definition of Memory and Memory Implications
Site provides a description of memory, amnesia, implicit memory, and the accuracy of memory.
Elizabeth F. Loftus
This is the web site of Elizabeth F. Loftus who is a researcher interested in false memories. The page provides links to a number of articles she has written on this topic.
Human Memory
Presents a number of memory improvement techniques and illustrates how human memory can be measured.
Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology
This article is about Ebbinghaus' famous experiment about memory and learning.
Sheep Brain Dissection: The Anatomy of Memory
Site uses a sheep brain to show the anatomy of the parts of the brain vital to memory.

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Search the Athabasca University Psychology Resources:
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Please note that searches are limited to web sites linked with this page.

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