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Adult and Gerontology
Developmental Disorders

Canadian Council on Social Development
Site provides statistics, reports, and reviews of issues concerning issues social development relevant to Canadians. There is an entire section devoted to the meaning of cultural diversity in Canada.
Developmental Psychology
A leading journal in developmental psychology.
Dr. William Pollack
This site is supplementary to Dr. William Pollack's book, "Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood". There are links to a great page called "Advice From Real Boys' Voices" which includes advice on topics such as depression and bullying.
Emotional Intelligence Site
"The information on this independent site covers everything from the academic and corporate definitions of emotional intelligence to articles on parenting, relationships and emotional and sexual abuse."
Emotional Intelligence: Popular or Scientific Psychology
This article briefly discusses the merits of emotional intelligence with respect to whether it is a popular or scientific theory.
Gender Gallery
Site highlights popular media related to issues of gender and sexual orientation. It also provides links to online discussions, organizations, and resources.
Journal of Family Psychology
Journal is concerned with research related to family issues.
Personal Construct Psychology
Site provides links to articles concerning George Kelly's personal construct theory.
"This Page is about behavioral individuality in infants, children and adults. It is intended as a clearinghouse for research and practical information about temperamental characteristics to be used by parents, students, professionals and others who have an interest in temperament".


Attachment Research Center
This site provides information about Bowlby's theory of attachment, the controversies associated with his theory, preverbal communication, attachment, aggression, and psychotherapy.
Attachment Theory and Research at Stony Brook
This is a University of Stony Brook site and it reviews the Bowlby-Ainsworth studies on attachment theory. It also provides links to attachment research, literature, and resources.
Can Infants Count?
Article discusses some of the evidence for and against the claim that infants are capable of counting.
Child Labour
This site is sponsored by the International Labour Organization and is concerned with the issues of child labour. Site may help orient someone trying to understand the possible problems associated with child labour.
Children's Understanding of What's Real on Television
Article discusses how children of different age groups classify what they think is real or possible on television.
English Words May Hinder Math Skills Development
Article discusses how "the words and symbols used to represent numbers may interfere with understanding of math concepts.".
Fetal Development Overview
Site provides an outline of the events that occur in fetal development. It includes images and an animation of a developing fetus.
Social and Emotional Development Milestones
Site provides a summary of children's self awareness and of their ability to interact with others at various ages.
Society for Research in Adult Development
"The international membership of the Society for Research in Adult Development includes people from all disciplines who are interested in positive adult development. Positive adult development refers to development starting in late adolescence and continuing through life. The focus is on expanded capabilities and changes that improve the quality of life.".
Teaching Gentleness in a Violent World
Article discusses whether children are naturally caring, how parents teach their children to be caring, and how they are affected by the outside world.
The Child Psychologist
Site provides information about various developmental and learning disorders.
The Debate Over Child Care Isn't Over Yet...
"The largest-ever study of child care finds little evidence that out-of-home care harms development in the first three years, but long-term effects are still unknown."
The Visible Embryo
This site offers a visual and written description of abnormal and normal development of a human embryo from conception to birth.


More Girls Experience Early Puberty
In recent years, more girls have been experiencing puberty. This article discusses a couple of possible explanations as well as the implications that early puberty has on young girls.

Adult and Gerontology

APA Division 20
Site of APA's Division for Adult Development and Aging contains many resources.
Parenthood Detrimental to Marriage? Not Necessarily...
"Marital researchers identify a prescription that may buffer newlyweds against stressors."
USC Ageworks: Changes With Aging
Many changes occur within the body as people age and this site summarizes how the heart; lungs; and endocrine, gastrointestinal, nervous, immune, musculoskeletal, reproductive, and sensory systems change.
USC Ageworks: Diseases and Conditions
As people grow older they become more susceptible to certain diseases and conditions. This site provides summaries of many diseases that are common to old age.

Developmental Disorders

Asperger Syndrome
Site provides information, papers, articles, and links to other web sites concerning Asperger Syndrome. Asperger Syndrome is characterizes people who "[have] normal intelligence and language development, but who also [exhibit] autistic-like behaviors and marked deficiencies in social and communication skills."
Childhood Neurodevelopmental Dysfunction and Learning Disorders
Article touches on the problems children have with attention, memory, language, organizational skills, neuromotor functioning, and social cognition.
Internet Resources for Special Children
Site provides many Internet resources for many types of developmental and learning disabilities.
Nonverbal Learning Disorders on the Web
Site provides information and resources about nonverbal learning disorders.

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