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Educational and Instructional



ADD Resources
ADD Resources is a rapidly growing national non-profit organization whose mission is to help people with ADD/ADHD achieve their full potential through support and education. Their website offers 100 free and carefully chosen articles helpful to adults with ADD/ADHD and to parents of children with ADD/ADHD, a free monthly eNews, 100 links to other ADHD-related websites, the National ADHD Directory, and more.
American Educational Research Association
AERA is the home for many educational and instructional psychologists.
Athabasca University, Educational Studies
The Athabasca University provides a number of courses in Educational Studies that may be of interest to students who:
  • are taking social science and humanities courses
  • are considering a professional teaching qualification
  • need to upgrade their existing teaching qualifications
  • need to undertake professional development courses
  • are considering changing the direction of their professional work
The ERIC database, accessible through gopher, houses a large database of educational research and other information.
Education Consumers Clearinghouse
"The Education Consumer's Clearinghouse is an Internet mailing list whose purpose is to empower education's consumers. It serves as a medium for communication and source of consumer-friendly advice and expertise. Subscribers are able to ask questions, post information and opinion, or just listen. It is supported by advertising and free to users.".
Education Policy Analysis Archives
Electronic journal has online articles.
Global SchoolNet
Provides access to resources relevant to global project-based learning, problem-based learning, and online collaborative learning.
Media Awareness Network
The mission of this organization is to "promote and support media education in Canadian schools, homes, and communities through a world class Internet site." You can find media issues, web awareness information, critiques, media history, and more.
National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)
School psychology resources.
Personal Construction Theory
Site provides information about personal construct theory and links to other resources.
Personal Counseling in Secondary School Education
Article discusses how to counsel adolescents.
Traditional Intelligence Theories
Site provides information about how schools have been impacted by traditional theories of intelligence, how they may be impacted by the theory of multiple intelligences. It also provides information about Howard Gardner.


Emotional Intelligence Site
"The information on this independent site covers everything from the academic and corporate definitions of emotional intelligence to articles on parenting, relationships and emotional and sexual abuse."
History of Influences in the Development of Intelligence Theory and Testing
Article provides information about people who have made influential contributions to intelligence theory and testing.
Site provides a small amount of information about intelligence theories and quite a few links to other resources concerning intelligence.
One Intelligence or Many?--Alternative Approaches to Cognitive Abilities
This article looks at theories about general intelligence and multiple intelligences.
The Emergence of Intelligence
Article discusses the evolution of intelligence.


Association for Direct Instruction
"The Association for Direct Instruction is a non-profit organization dedicated to dissemination of information on effective, research-proven practices for schools.".
Classroom Instruction
Site discusses models of instruction, direct instruction, and individual differences of instruction.
Education Excellence Network
Provides links to resources concerning testing, curriculum, instruction, teachers, and principals, among other topics.
George Lucas Educational Foundation
Site discusses the roles of innovative classrooms, skillful educators, and involved communities in education.
Instructional Design and Learning Theories
Article discusses the three major learning theories of behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism and their relation to instructional design.
Jigsaw Classroom
Elliot Aronson has created this website to provide information about the jigsaw classroom. An overview of the history of the jigsaw classroom and links to related websites are included.
Precision Teaching Module
Athabasca University tutorial teaches the fundamental concepts of precision teaching
Siegfried Engelmann and Direct Instruction
Athabasca University tutorial teaches the fundamental concepts of direct instruction


Early Learning Resources
List of links, books, and other materials for teaching 3-6 year olds to read, do math, tell time, etc.
How the Brain Learns Best
This article discusses how to obtain "optimal learning in the classroom by activating different parts of the brain.".
Positive Trends in Learning
This web book discusses many topics concerning education including the diversity of students, thinking skills, cooperative learning, arts in education, technology, accelerated learning, and the learning environment.

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