Table 1A. Behaviors and the Number of Points That They Earned or Lost at Achievement Place*

Behaviors That Earned Points Points
Watching the news on TV or reading the newspaper 300 per day
Cleaning and maintaining neatness in one's room 500 per day
Keeping one's person neat and clean 500 per day
Reading books 5 to 10 per page
Aiding house-parents in various household tasks 20 to 1000 per task
Doing dishes 500 to 1000 per meal
Being well dressed for an evening meal 100 to 500 per meal
Performing homework 500 per day
Obtaining desirable grades on school report cards 500 to 1000 per grade
Turning out lights when not in use 25 per light
Behaviors That Lost Points Points
Failing grades on the report card 500 to 1000 per grade
Speaking aggressively 20 to 50 per response
Forgetting to wash hands before meals 100 to 300 per meal
Arguing 300 per response
Disobeying 100 to 1000 per response
Being late 10 per minute
Displaying poor manners 50 to 100 per response
Engaging in poor posture 50 to 100 per response
Using poor grammar 20 to 50 per response
Stealing, lying, or cheating 10,000 per response

*(from Phillips, 1968)

Table 1B. Earned Privileges at Achievement Place and Their Cost on the Daily and Weekly Systems**

Privilege Daily System Weekly System
Basics (hobbies and games) 3000 400
Snacks 1000 150
TV 1000 150
Allowance (per $1) 2000 300
Permission to leave Achievement Place (home, downtown, sports events) 2000 300
Bonds (savings for gifts, special clothing, etc.) 1000 150
Special privileges Variable N/A

**(from Philips, Philips, Fixsen, & Wolf, 1971)