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“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.”
- Paul Valery


About Psychology

Psychology is focused on the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. Although we are inherently diverse in our expertise within the discipline of psychology, we share the common goal of optimizing teaching and learning.

Whether you are interested in enrolling in a program, or simply want to complete a course or two, Psychology at Athabasca University offers flexible options to help you meet your educational goals.

Our Programs

What We Offer

We offer three-year and four-year Bachelor degrees in Psychology, a diploma in Inclusive Education, and a university certificate in Career Development.

Psychology Programs

Our Psychology programs are designed to develop or expand your knowledge of the broad field of psychology. Both the concentration and major degree programs provide grounding in foundational courses central to psychology as a science. Options are also available for you to focus your studies in an applied area of psychology. Learn more.

Inclusive Education

Intended primarily for teachers, our 24 credit Diploma in Inclusive Education is offered in collaboration with the University of Alberta. The program enhances teachers' knowledge and skills in the areas of special needs. Learn more.

Career Development

The University Certificate in Career Development is a 30-credit (one-year of full-time study) program intended primarily for practitioners with related work experience in a human services field. Learn more.

Our Learning Model

  • Flexible, self-paced learning that allows you to progress through the course material on a schedule appropriate for you.
  • Clearly specified instructional objectives.
  • Mastery-learning approaches that require you to pass individual units of course material before proceeding to subsequent units.
  • Self-instructional exercises that provide you a focus for studying.

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Graduate Program Survey

Interested in a Graduate Program in Psychology, take our survey and tell us about your interests!

Graduate Program in Culture and Human Development

The University of Saskatchewan is inviting qualified applicants to apply to the graduate program in Culture and Human Development. Find additional information here.