History of Psychology Timeline


This online component was originally designed for the course PSYC 375, offered by Psychology at Athabasca University. The data is retrieved from our Glossary database which contains over a thousand terms related to Psychology (for registered students only, guests can see terms starting with the letter "A" only).

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In addition to the features our Glossary database offers, this History Timeline emphasizes the time element of the term. Users can choose to see the list in chronological order by clicking on one of the three tabs:  600BC to 1400 ,  1400 to 1800 , and  1800 to now . When a user clicks on a term, a colour is assigned to that term and a bar of the same colour appears in the bottom frame. This bar is a visual representation of the time span. Users can see a maximum of 3 colour bars.


David A. Polson and Lyle K. Grant authored the content of glossary. Billy Cheung designed the Timeline's visual interface and Dean Mah provided technical and database management support.