Abelard, Peter (1079 - 1142)
  Absolute threshold
  Absolute, The
  Act psychology
  Active mind
  Active reason
  Adaptive act
  Adaptive features
  Adequate stimulation
  Adler, Alfred (1870 - 1937)
  Aesthetic stage
  Alcmaeon (fl. ca. 500 B.C.)
  Allegory of the cave
  Altruistic surrender
  Analogy of the divided line
  Anatomy is destiny
  Angell, James Rowland (1869 - 1949)
  Animal magnetism
  Animism (Greeks)
  Antisthenes (ca. 445 - 365 B.C.)
  Anxiety (Freud)
  Anxiety (Heidegger)
  Apollonian aspect of human nature
  Apperceptive mass
  Approach-approach conflict (Hergenhahn)
  Approach-avoidance conflict (Hergenhahn)
  Archetype (Hergenhahn)
  Aristarchus of Samos (ca. 310 - 230 B.C.)
  Aristotle (384 - 322 B.C.)
  Artificial somnambulism
  Associationism (Aristotle)
  Authentic life
  Averroes (1126 - 1198)
  Avicenna (980 - 1037)
  Avoidance-avoidance conflict (Hergenhahn)
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