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An important person in an Athabasca University course is the course tutor. The name, telephone number, and email and postal addresses for your tutor for this course are provided in the tutor letter. If you have chosen to have your Athabasca University letters printed and mailed to you, you will receive your tutor letter through Canada Post. If you have chosen the AU e–letter delivery method for your letters, you will need to access this letter online from your myAU student portal. E–letters do not arrive via email. It is your responsibility to check your e–letters on a regular basis. Read through the e–letter information provided on your myAU portal to be certain that you understand how to access your tutor letter.

Regardless of the method you have chosen to receive the tutor letter, if you do not receive your tutor letter before your contracted start date, please contact Learning Services—Tutorial by calling 1–800–788–9041 (ext. 6196) or 1–780–675–6196 as soon as possible. You may also contact Learning Services—Tutorial by sending an email message to

The tutor letter will help you become acquainted with your tutor and will provide information on your tutor’s schedule. If you have not yet received a call from your tutor, do not hesitate to make the first call yourself. If you live in Canada or the United States, you may call your tutor, toll free, during his or her tutoring hours, following the information provided in the tutor letter. If you live outside of Canada or the United States, please refer to the tutor letter and the current Athabasca University Calendar for information on calling your tutor. You may find it useful to schedule a regular study period when your tutor is available so that you can call him or her when questions arise. If you are unable to take advantage of the regular tutoring hours, contact your tutor or the course coordinator to determine whether you can make alternative arrangements.

Your tutor is your main contact with the University while you are enrolled in this course. In addition to answering your questions concerning the course material, your tutor will mark your assignments and exams, and will suggest review and remedial activities if you have problems with the course work. Be assured that your tutor will do his or her best to assist you in every way to understand and appreciate the material in this course.

Students who maintain regular contact with their tutors are generally more successful in their studies than are those students who do not maintain regular contact. You are strongly encouraged, therefore, to consult with your tutor on all matters that might affect your study. Your tutor may not always have an answer for you, but he or she will know where to find it.

For handy reference, use the space provided below to record information on your tutor.

Tutor’s name: _______________________________________

Postal address: _____________________________

Email address: ______________________________

Telephone number: ___________________________

Tutoring days and hours: ____________________________

In contacts with your tutor, on assignments, or in any correspondence or other contact with the University, you are asked to provide your student ID number. Record this number in the space provided below. Your student ID number will assist in processing requests, grades, and administrative matters more quickly.

Student ID number: __________________________

The personal information and records collected and maintained by the University as a result of a student’s registration in this course, such as completed assignments and examinations, electronic communications, and correspondence, are subject to University policies and the privacy and access provisions of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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