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Services to Students

Athabasca University offers a wide range of services to its students. Advisors are able to assist students in planning their programs and selecting appropriate courses. Counsellors assist students in improving their study skills and clarifying their educational goals. You may reach an advisor or counsellor in several ways: by dialing 1–800–788–9041 and asking to speak with an advisor or counsellor; by directing your query through; or in person at Athabasca University’s Central Office in Athabasca or Athabasca University, Edmonton and Athabasca University, Calgary.

The Athabasca University Library provides a wide range of library support to students as indicated in the “Library Services” section of this Course and Assignment Manual. Details of this support and information on contacting the Athabasca University Library are included in this section.

Other services to students include providing information on student awards and advice on obtaining financial assistance. For these services, please contact the Office of the Registrar. You may do so by dialing 1–800–788–9041 and asking for the Office of the Registrar, or by directing your query through

Students may write exams at the Athabasca University Central Office in Athabasca, at Athabasca University, Edmonton and Athabasca University, Calgary, or at other locations as explained in detail in the current Athabasca University Calendar.

If you are a student of Indigenous ancestry (Aboriginal, First Nations, Indian, Inuit, Native, Métis) or a non–Indigenous student who is interested in identifying culturally appropriate services designed for Aboriginal students or counselling that is sensitive to the challenges Aboriginal students face, please contact the Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research at Athabasca University, by telephone at 1–800–788–9041, ext. 2064, or by electronic mail at

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