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Procedures for Applying for and Writing Exams

Students in individualized–study courses are encouraged to use Athabasca University’s online exam request system to process their request to write a course exam. Students may also request an exam by completing the Examination Request Form that is provided in the course package and sending it by fax or postal mail to the Office of the Registrar at Athabasca University.

Students in grouped–study offerings of this course, usually a classroom seminar offering at a specific location, will follow the exam–writing instructions and procedures provided by the instructor.

Read the section on exams in the current Athabasca University Calendar for information on where and when to take exams, and who can invigilate the exam. Please note that exams must be written during the contract period; requests for exams will be processed only within the contract period. Students in Canada and the United States must request examinations a minimum of 20 business days before they plan to write them. Students elsewhere must allow additional time for shipment of examination materials. When requesting your exam, please ensure that you have your invigilator’s email address.

Follow the steps outlined below to request your exam for this course.

  1. Review the “Evaluation” section of the current Athabasca University Calendar.

  2. Book a time to write the exam before submitting your examination request if you plan to write your online exam with one of Athabasca University’s Examination Centres. If you are making arrangements with an exam invigilator elsewhere, it is your responsibility to ensure that a computer with an Internet connection and Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is available for your use. If you are using an invigilator who has not been approved by the Office of the Registrar, fill in the appropriate details on the online Examination Request Form. Be aware that invigilators may charge a fee for their services. This fee will be your responsibility.

  3. Complete and submit the online Examination Request Form, providing all information requested. If you do not have access to the Internet, fill out the Examination Request Form from your course materials package and submit it by fax to 780–675–6174; or in person or by postal mail to Examination Services, Office of the Registrar, at Athabasca University’s Central Office. To minimize the time required to process your exam request, be sure to write legibly, providing all information requested on the form.

  4. You may wish to try the demonstration exam before taking the final exam. The demonstration exam is intended to help you become familiar with the format of the online exam. The demonstration exam is not intended as a study aid to help you learn the content of the final exam.

  5. Confirm that your invigilator has received the online examination file before you arrive to write your exam. You will need to have photo identification and your Athabasca University student ID number with you when you arrive to write your exam.

The exam results and your final grade will normally be sent to you four to six weeks after you write the exam. The exam paper, exam booklets, or answer sheets will not be returned to you.

To receive credit for this course, you must submit all the course assignments and complete them to the satisfaction of your tutor. You must also obtain a grade of 50% or better on the final exam and a course composite grade of at least 50%.

Students who are dissatisfied with their grade on any exam, or who obtain less than the required passing grade, may write a supplemental exam. The passing grade for supplemental exams is 50% and only one supplemental is permitted per exam. The higher of the two grades received will be recorded as the official grade.

If you are dissatisfied with your exam grade, and wish to make an appeal, please refer to the Athabasca University Calendar for the appropriate guidelines and procedures to follow.

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