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Midterm Exam

The Study Guide will prompt you to take the Midterm Exam, which is worth 30% of your final mark. You must complete the Midterm Exam prior to sitting for the Final Exam. It covers the first two theoretical sections of the course, Sections II and III.

Composition of the Midterm Exam

The Midterm Exam comprises two parts. Part A consists of six of eight short-answer questions that test your knowledge and comprehension of the materials presented in those sections. These questions focus on content identified under the “Key Terms and Concepts” in each unit. You will not have access to the specific questions in advance, and you are expected to know the material well enough to respond without reviewing your course notes.

For Part B, students will answer two of three short-essay questions. The questions require you to integrate and synthesize material about the theoretical models. Your short-essay answers should demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and critical analysis of the relevant theories and techniques, as well as key terms and concepts. Sample questions for Parts A and B are located in the Study Guide.

The Midterm Exam is completed online in an open-book, non-invigilated format. The instructions for completing it online are located in the “Psychology 406 Online” section of this Course and Assignment Manual.

Specific Grading Criteria

Part A

Your grade for Part A will reflect your mastery of the content and meaning of the course material, as well as your ability to provide appropriate examples. Figure 1: Overall Grading Taxonomy identifies the expectations associated with these levels of learning. Each question is worth 10 marks and will be graded as indicated. Part A is worth 60%.

Level of Learning       Weight
(10 marks total)
knowledge 6 marks basic content covered
comprehension 4 marks demonstrated understanding of meaning

Part B

Your grade for Part B will reflect your knowledge and comprehension of the material, as well as your ability to critically analyse, synthesize, and evaluate various components of the theories and techniques studied. Each short-essay question will be worth 20 marks and will be graded as indicated. Part B is worth 40%.

Level of Learning Weight
(20 marks total)
knowledge and comprehension 12 marks basic content covered
application, analysis and synthesis, evaluation (where appropriate)         8 marks higher-order cognitive learning demonstrated

While no specific marks are assigned for style, you must organize your responses in a systematic fashion and use essay style. Your tutor may deduct up to 3 marks per question for poor organization and style.

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