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Course Contract

Psychology 406: Introduction to Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy is a three–credit course, and is equivalent to a one–semester course at a conventional university. It is offered in two delivery modes: grouped–study and individualized–study. The individualized–study version of the course is normally open to students throughout the year, whereas the grouped–study version is only available at fixed start dates and may not be offered every year. There are important differences between the course contracts given to students in the grouped–study mode as opposed to students in the individualized–study mode.

Grouped–study mode: The grouped–study version of Psychology 406, usually a seminar offering of the course, follows the timelines associated with a traditional university semester. For example, students who begin the course in September will finish it in December. Students in this version, therefore, receive a four–month course contract, and are subject to the regulations governing grouped–study courses that are detailed in the Athabasca University Calendar.

Individualized–study mode: Students opting for the individualized–study version of the course are given the flexibility to determine their own timelines for completing it, within the six–month individualized–study course contract period. Nonetheless, they are encouraged to follow the study schedule that is included in this Course and Assignment Manual. Students who do so will have no difficulty in completing the course requirements within the six–month contract period. However, students who find themselves running short of time may purchase an extension to their course contract. The Athabasca University Calendar contains information on obtaining an extension to a course contract.

Please note that students in the individualized–study version of the course who are receiving funding from the Student Finance Board may be required to complete their studies in a shortened time frame. If you are receiving funding from any source, please check the details of your obligations and adjust your personal study schedule accordingly.

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