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Welcome to Psychology 406

Welcome to Psychology 406: Introduction to Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy. This Athabasca University course will introduce you to a range o f theoretical perspectives and provide a historical context for the current prac tice of counselling psychology. As you will discover, there is no one "correct" model for understanding human behaviour or the therapeutic process of enabling change and growth. Each counsellor must develop her or his personal philosophical and theoretical framework and approach.

This course is designed to encourage you to think critically about the various theoretical approaches by comparing them to one another, watching for common themes, and reflecting on your own personal perspective as it relates to human nature, counselling goals, and change processes.

If you have any questions about the course itself, or how to proceed with your studies, please contact your tutor or the course coordinator.

The online version of this course gives you access to all the materials for Psychology 406, including the Course and Assignment Manual, Study Guide, Digital Reading Room, and Assignment Resources.

Good luck with your studies!

2009-AUG-05: Please see course accouncement regarding the text book change.

Course Contents / Structure

Course & Assignment Manual
Study Guide


Section I Basic Issues in Counselling Practice

Unit 1 Introduction and Overview

Unit 2 The Counsellor: Person and Professional

Section II First Force: Psychodynamic Theories and Techniques

Practice Exam (Optional)

Unit 3 Psychoanalytic Theory

Unit 4 Adlerian Theory

Section III Second Force: Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Theories and Techniques

Midterm Exam

Case Study Reminder

Unit 5 Behavioral Theory

Unit 6 Cognitive-Behavioral Theory

Unit 7 Control Theory / Reality Therapy

Section IV Third Force: Humanistic Theories and Techniques

Unit 8 Existential Theory

Unit 9 Person-Centred Theory

Unit 10 Gestalt Theory

Section V Forth Force: Contextual and Systemic Theories and Techniques

Personal Reflection Paper Reminder

Unit 11 Feminist Theory

Unit 12 Family Systems Theory

Unit 13 Multicultural Theory

Section VI Integration and Application

Unit 14 An Integrative Perspective

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