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Using the Study Guide

The Study Guide consists of a set of study objectives and questions for each of the seven units in the course. Quiz questions and final exam items will be based on the material covered by the study questions in the Study Guide. It is essential that you know the answers to all the study questions in each unit. The conceptual exercises in the Study Guide are also very important. These exercises consist of examples and non-examples of the main concepts in each unit. Your task on these exercises is one of two things: to identify whether the illustration is an example of a specified concept and explain why or why not, or to name the concept illustrated and explain why it qualifies as an example.

All quiz and exam items will pertain to material covered in the study questions or conceptual exercises. In some cases this material will not be found in the reading assignments, so you must read the Study Guide and do the exercises in it to do well in this course.

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