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Course Structure

The following table illustrates the correspondence between the units in the course and the reading assignments. “Chance” refers to the main course text, Learning and Behavior (2006). Grant and Evans refers to an additional reading contained in your course package (1994).

Units and Readings

  1. Introduction

    Chance, Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chance, Chapter 2: The Study of Learning and Behavior

  2. Pavlovian Conditioning and its Applications

    Chance, Chapter 3: Pavlovian Conditioning

    Chance, Chapter 4: Pavlovian Conditioning Applications

  3. Operant Reinforcement

    Chance, Chapter 5: Operant Reinforcement

  4. Operant and Vicarious Processes

    Chance, Chapter 6: Operant Punishment

    Chance, Chapter 7: Operant Applications

    Chance, Chapter 8: Vicarious Learning

  5. Generalization, Discrimination, and Stimulus Control

    Chance, Chapter 9: Generalization, Discrimination, and Stimulus Control

    Grant and Evans, Chapter 14: Conceptual Behavior and Generalized Response Classes

  6. Schedules of Reinforcement

    Chance, Chapter 10: Schedules of Reinforcement

  7. Remembering and Forgetting and the Limits of Learning

    Chance, Chapter 11: Remembering and Forgetting

    Chance, Chapter 12: The Limits of Learning

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