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About Psychology 340

Welcome to Psychology 340: Introduction to Applied Social Psychology, a three-credit, senior-level university course designed to increase your understanding of the ways in which the science of psychology can be applied to social problems in Canadian society.

The Student Manual accompanies the course and is designed to supply you with essential information about the course design, the course materials, and the procedures you should follow to complete the course successfully. Before you begin your study of applied social psychology, please read this Student Manual through carefully. If you have any questions about the course itself, or how to proceed with your studies, please contact your tutor or the course coordinator.

Course Structure

New: Enter the Digital Reading Room.

New Resource: A list of websites listed by chapter.

New: Sample course projects along with tutor comments.

This course is divided into three major parts, which are further organized into eleven units.

Part Unit Topic Quiz/Assignments
1   Introduction to Applied Social Psychology  
  1 Background and Theories  
  2 Research Techniques in Applied Social Psychology Unit 1 & 2 Quiz
2   The Application of Applied Social Psychology  
  3 Youth and Educational Settings  
  4 Job Satisfaction and Industrial-Organizational Psychology  
  5 Substance Abuse Assignment 1
  6 Psychology and the Law  
  7 Family Violence  
  8 Diversity Issues: Gender and Ethnicity Assignment 2
  9 The Effects of Media  
  10 The Effects of Advertisements Assignment 3
3   The Achievement of Social Change  
  11 Policy and Social Activism Course Project
    Course Evaluation  

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